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Simple Steps to Professional Marketing Literature

January 21st, 2011

Professional sales and marketing literature has a direct impact on a customer's perception of your company, and a direct impact on whether they will do business with you. Specifically, reducing errors increases sales. There's a reason you learned spelling, punctuation and grammar in school instead of relying on a spell checker on your computer. Spell checkers, although very good at identifying egregious misspellings, are poor at detecting grammatical errors, repeated words and punctuation mistakes. Those are the mistakes that stand out more than any other content in your sales literature. Such errors make your business look unprofessional and drive customers to look for more professional companies.   

Here are some tips to make sure your sales and marketing literature is ready for print:

Print out your documents.

Don't rely on reading your documents on a computer screen. Studies show it is easier to miss errors when reading from your computer. Edit your pages in a contrasting ink and then correct your mistakes on the computer. Repeat until all mistakes are corrected.

Get a second opinion. 

When you spend a lot of time writing content for brochures and sales literature, it can be easy to miss a misspelled word or grammatical error. Have another person read through your edited content and help identify any awkward wordings or spelling mistakes.

Proof again when layout is complete.

Make sure you review your content in its final context before committing to print. Your spelling and grammar may be right, but the flow of the document and placement of text could look unusual or unexpected when prepared for printing. 
If you still aren't sure about your proofreading, consider enlisting the help of a professional proofreading service. Williams Graphics offers proofreading services, as well as copywriting and content development for our clients. Remember, as with all things in business, there is no second chance to make a first impression. 
Professional sales and marketing literature can be very successful at opening new doors, but too many mistakes can also result in closed doors as well.
Posted by Harold Williams | Topic: Marketing
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